Snowpacked was first founded with the passion of snowboarding. It all began once we discovered it was possible to make snow in our own backyard with equipment we already had. We're not the first to make residential snow machines, nor are we geniuses. It all began a few years ago with a basic gas powered pressure washer and a cheap off the shelf air compressor. After many long nights soaking wet with only ice to show on the ground, we've mastered the home snow making concepts. Every year we are building larger more efficient snow machines as well as expanding our terrain park features. More than half of our equipment we acquire is used and rebuilt ourselves. This site was designed to help beginners start making snow in their own back yard, even those on a tight budget. Whether you want a white Christmas or create your own ski resort, we hope gives you a better understanding and inspiration towards the hobby of snow making. If you find any information confusing or have any questions feel free to post in our Questions and Answers page. You can also contact us directly here.