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Jan 27
Dec 07

We are starting our quarter pipe build with the same curved pipe we salvaged for the rain bow rail in our rainbow box blog post. Currently the quarter pipe sits at about 7' tall, 6' deep with the legs extending to 10', and will be a total of 16' in length. The quarter pipe will be built in two 8' sections and bolted together on the hill. The quarter pipe frame is made out of 1-1/4" square steel tubing and the salvaged curved 1-1/4" steel tube from the ladders. 10' sections of angle iron were used for the bottom with 4' of over hang in the back to prevent tipping backwards. Rear supports were salvaged from scaffolding bracing the rear. The frame was coated in rusty metal primer, then a Rustoleum gloss black. We installed 5/4" x 6" x 8' pressure treated lumber spaced horizontally every 2" to reduce cost and weight. The 5/4" material was pricier than plywood but easier to install around the radius and less subject to warping throughout the years. Finally we added white Astro-turf stapled to the plywood to help the snow stick to the surface.


13 October 2014

8' Flat Box Build

1' x 8' Flat box build for 2013-14 season, made out of 2x4's, playwood, and HDPE.

Our 2013-14 terrain park only included a 2' kicker, 2' x 8' box, and a 1' x 1' x 16' rail; But the main feature was our rope tow. 

12 October 2014

Rainbow Rail Build

This is a rainbow rail we created using all free scrap metal, a sheet of HDPE and plywood. I had been inspecting these small diesel tanks for a large telecommunication corporation for several years which was due for new tanks. These ladders were for the fuel delivery driver to access the fill port. During the construction it hit me, these would make a perfect base for a rainbow box so I got my hands on four of them with four more on the way! Over the summer the Snowpacked team visited a plastic supply house going out of business sale, got lucky and found a 4'x8' 1/4" sheet of HDPE for a whopping $67, killer deal! Total cost of materials were $93 taking roughly 14 hours to build. The overall length of the rainbow measures 11'-6". The highest point measures 3'-6" from the ground. The front of the rail is 18" high and 12" for the rear.

I disassembled parts of the ladder I didn't need with a grinder cut off wheel and plasma cutter. There weren't enough horizontal supports so I began adding additional ones out of 1-1/2" angle iron drops I had in my metal pile. The angle iron supports were welded every 12". To ensure the surface was smooth, 1/4" sanded plywood was used sandwiched between the HDPE and metal rail. Since the rail is longer than our 8' sheets we had to use two pieces. Afraid of any possible bowing in the future the ends of the sheets were not joined at the ridge but 2 feet after. The plywood and HDPE were also installed staggered. We used #10 stainless steel countersink self tapping screws to secure the wood and HDPE. Slapped on some Snowpacked blue paint and its ready for the park! Thanks to America's fastest 4G LTE network for the donation (*cough* Verizon). It's about time I get a rebate for these expensive cell phone bills!