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Snow Making (2)

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Oct 12

Many of us already have everything to make snow in our backyard. Learn how to get started making snow with the equipment you already own. 

Sep 30

Welcome to Snowpacked!

Maybe you met someone through one of the founding crew or just so happened to stumble upon our website in other means but we're glad your here! Instead of dreading yourself through years of failures (like we experienced) this site was created to give you a better understanding in the world of residential snow making. Whether you want to make snow for holiday decorations, ski/snowboaring, business advertising, a white Christmas, or because you want something that your neighbors don't have then well, you've found the right place!

We began several years back when we realized we could make snow in our backyard inspired by others on the web. We're by no means claiming we're the first to make snow on a residential scale. Actually we're probably a couple tens of thousands in line, but hey its your turn! Located in Southern Maryland its cold enough to snow but hardly ever does. The closest resort is over 2 hours away and a hard commitment when you have to drag the family along, and quite expensive! We strive to help you bring the resort to your backyard. Unfortunately we don't have the mountains like the resorts but luckily with a small hill we don't need nearly as much water or electricity. Besides, we've ridden back country all over the western states. We just want a terrain park to call our own.


Thanks for visiting us! Throughout the site are ads from our affiliates. We don't personally sell anything, but purchases through our affiliates helps keep this website online, pays our terrain park's electric bill, and provides extra spending money for the countless future projects we have to share with you!

-Snowpacked Crew