We've compiled a list of useful tips to think about while making snow. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us here!

  • Upgrade your air line from the compressor to a larger diameter. We suggest using a 5/8" garden hose at the minimum. Some snow makers use fire hoses up to 2". A larger diameter air line prevents freezing at the nucleating nozzle but may reduce your air pressure depending on the size of your compressor. Adding an air water separator before your snow-gun will also help remove moisture in the air line preventing freezing.
  • Chill your water supply. Lowering your water temperatures can greatly increase the performance of a snow gun.
  • Mount your snow gun at high, creating better "hang time" as snow makers call it. This creates better quality snow and increases your coverage area.
  • Point your snow-gun in the direction of the wind. You will never be able to fight the wind, instead use it to your advantage.